Catania, 1969
Tania Pistone currently lives between Switzerland and Turin, Italy. Is renowned for her abstract yet deeply emotional exploration of the visual impact of language. She creates paintings with texts made of seemingly recognisable but often illegible alphabets, thus inviting her viewers to delve into their subconscious and to create their own narratives based on their emotional responses to the artwork.

The artist’s paintings start with the written word as she copies or applies pages of books onto a canvas or a board. The texts are often illegible because they are superimposed onto each other, becoming the base of the work onto which Pistone paints abstract yet personal symbols. Writing becomes a calligraphic sign, losing its meaning yet remaining significant – a trace of a mental process of deconstruction capable of transporting the viewer into a sensorial and emotional dimension.

Tania Pistone has been part of major international exhibitions, including The Art of Humanity at the Pratt Institute in New York, Map of the new Art in Venice, Under One Sky across China, Join The Dots in Trieste, and Imago Mundi – Praestigium Italia in Turin.