Catania, 1969


, 2022

Gold ground, enamel and text written on wood

cm. 50 x 40
Unique Piece
Tania Pistone has explained the origin of her works, based on writing and an obsession with complicated surfaces. She chooses gold because it’s an absolute surface for embracing her imaginary alphabet and hence the colored, chromed and reflective enamel. She applies a great deal of knowledge, using an accent technique that calls for Bologna gesso, Armenian bole and gold leaf buffed with agate stone; after creating the base coat, she writes on it and then comes the painting stage, using specific enamels to produce the marks. The chromed wood panels are also the result of artisan skills, enriched with the “car wrapping” technique borrowed from the car body shop where it refers to application of adhesive film as an alternative to respraying.
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