Babs Art Gallery opened in October 2018 as the first gallery in Italy dedicated to artists’ jewels, by Barbara Lo Bianco, an art enthusiast with a long time passion for artist’s jewelry.

Babs collaborates with contemporary artists to create wearable art. Each project begins by exploring the artist’s world, inviting them to create a wearable sculpture that represents it. This phase of the process can be, at times, challenging, as most of the artists have never dealt with jewels, and have thus never contemplated the idea of creating a wearable piece of art before.

After a few sketches, where the artist is free to explore his or her artistic prowess, the production process can finally start. Barbara follows very closely every step of the prototype’s production, whether it be directly with the artist, if this one is able to make the entirety of the final piece, or closely with the artist and a specialized goldsmith.

Once the piece has been approved by all the parties, the final artwork can be developed and handmade with the best craftsmen. The final product will be then presented as either a unique piece or part of a small limited edition.

The final aim is to have a few pieces that can represent the artists’ work, in a more intimate way where the work of art is able to initiate a dialogue with the wearer.