– l’architettura addosso –

Alessandro Busci

07/06/2022 – 18/10/2022

“Busci is a fine alchemist who mixes landscapes in the hope that they become something else (…) Today Busci, from his alchemical cosmos, extracts (still) the fire produced by the lightning of the blowtorch to imprint its small architectures, that are icons of a Milan that doesn’t stop counting time. Every jewel will be an excursion to the city” these are the words with which the curator, Luciano Bolzoni, accompanies the exhibition.

At the request of the same artist, the proceeds from the sale of some jewel-works, reproduced in a greater number of specimens, will be donated entirely to support the projects of the San Patrignano Foundation with which he has been collaborating for some time. The laboratories of the Foundation will also be actively involved in the exhibition setting, creating a special wallpaper in manual silkscreen on original drawing of the artist.

Mon – Fri / 10.00 – 18.00
Availability of visits at any other time by appointment