Milano, 1971

The protagonist of this new solo exhibit by Alessandro Busci is the jewel, which the artist has created in a dozen numbered pieces, returning the features of some of the iconic subjects of his paintings.

Urban and natural architectures take the form of artist’s jewels, which meaning is not necessarily expressed according to the same parameters of traditional jewelry. The value of the artist’s jewel lies in the art of the person who conceived it, in the ability to condense the vision into an extremely small artifact and subject to a series of constraints that make it wearable, durable and above all ornamental.


Alessandro Busci, painter and architect, lives and works in Milan, he trained at the atelier of Alessandro Mendini, where he worked for eleven years. His art investigates the potential of the exchange between the Western and Eastern iconographic traditions and his production is distinguished by the strong value of the sign, pictorial and calligraphic, made on unconventional supports such as steel, copper and aluminum processed with acids and enamels or on the more traditional paper.

Among his most important exhibitions: his participation in the Venice Biennale in 2010, his solo show at the Triennale di Milano in 2014, his exhibition at the Soglia Magica in Malpensa in 2017 and the exhibitions in Milan, Rome, Naples, Turin, San Francisco, Bilbao, London, Madrid, Lugano. He joined the San Patrignano collection in 2018.