Torino, 1977

Roberta Verteramo’s works explore a “natural” approach to shape, as if the modelling of the pieces responds to certain rules of “materic deposition” only nature can understand.
Her research is focuses on the contrasts given by the geometric and the organic forms, working alchemically with luxury materials. “I look for beauty that comes from the balance between these two opposing realities. For me it represents the essence that makes up every human being. The spiritual and the material sides”.

Her commitment to Italian craftsmanship reflects her mastery in the knowledge of materials and technique. Verteramo found her fil rouge in high-end luxury design, interpreting her clients’ vision with empathy, passion and exquisite craftsmanship and takes bespoke luxury to a new artful level.


Roberta Verteramo lives and works between Turin and London. She attended the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin and the Polytechnic University of Fine Arts in Valencia. Her art sensibility was noticed by the Academy, that offered her a teaching position shortly after her graduation.

Later she became an international conservator of contemporary art, the founder of conservation of design object in Italy, establishing the Triennale Design Museum laboratory in Milan, where she had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with internationally known artists and designers such as Gaetano Pesce, Alessandro Mendini, Tomas Maldonado, Frank Gehry, Italo Rota, Fornasetti, and others. In 2014 she moved to London, where she has been active in the field of luxury, crafting original and highly sophisticated artworks. Her work, Molecola café table, was selected at Decorex 2016 London.

Since the early stages of her artistic life, Verteramo has been passionate to investigate about the relation between the worlds of art and design. As an artist, she always tries to capture the essence of various artistic expressions.