Roberta Verteramo

05/09/2021 – 10/09/2021

BABS Art Gallery is excited to host an exhibition showcasing two formally different projects unified by a similar approach to matter: Roberta Verteramo – presenting her art design objects and a jewellery collection developed in collaboration with BABS Art Gallery; and Luini12 – architecture studio presenting their latest projects of lighting and furniture design.

The idea behind the exhibition stands in the core meaning of most of the pieces on display: the ability to understand the attraction and power of materials, despite its origin/shape/purpose, and the capacity to turn such material into an object of value.

Both Roberta and Luini12’s approaches stem start from existing elements, typically coming from worksites, rich enough of meaning for them to understand their formal potential, though initially created to fulfil a very different purpose.

Their skill stands in the ability to construct a story around materials as they are, where possible flaws are rather enhanced by completing their perception through newly added formal features, often intending to establish a divergence.

A further level of reading is then possible when the pieces come to their full existence: the beauty of an already living element is completed through the beauty of a newly made component, tracing a link between two stories becoming a single narrative.

The two projects then, each focus on a specific aspect, making the results very different one from the other, but still maintaining the dichotomy alive.

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri / 10.00 – 18.00
Availability for other times by appointment.