Riccardo Gusmaroli

12/11/2019 – 15/02/2020

In the jewels created by Gusmaroli we find the same search for contrast light-shadows, full-voids, action-no action, this time embellished by the new materials with which these shapes are shaped in their variant to wear.

A series of tiny boats, which recreate the effect of his paintings, lap no longer the coasts of the land emerged but the profile of the wearer. In the same way, the iconic Vortex is recreated in the splendid necklace, aligning about 140 boats and thus reproducing the spiral that characterizes his work on canvas.

The artist’s Uovomondo is instead reinvented keeping the most typical decorative elements: inlays similar to arabesques sometimes embellished with enamels, which reproduce the colors often present in the works; volcanic craters that allow a glimpse of a hard stone core; the ironic “condominium” in which different characters share the same new world, or as an independent world; or, again, the association of the subjects most dear to Gusmaroli: the man and the paperboat.