Elizabeth Aro

15/09/2021 – 22/11/2021

BABS is pleased to host from 15 September 2021 the solo exhibition of Elizabeth Aro, curated by Paola Stroppiana: the Argentine artist, who has been living in Milan for years, presents her first collection of artist’s jewelry created exclusively for the gallery, in close dialogue with some of his works, some unpublished.

Elizabeth’s exhibition, always sensitive to issues related to Nature, memory, the female condition, the theme of “the other”, seen from the perspective of those who, in first person, belong to two different cultures and have faced a physical and cultural migration, is a precious opportunity to read in depth the imaginative and deeply emotional world of the artist, starting from his ability to measure himself with different techniques: drawing, photography, but above all sculpture, made of precious fabrics that she sews herself, model and embroider, and often expands to dimensions decidedly installation, in dialogue with the architecture that houses them, private galleries and public spaces.

Sculptures that give life, with delicacy and at the same time incisiveness, to a real landscape of the soul that draws inspiration from literary sources, dreams, reflections on the condition of continuous change that the human being is called to face and that find in his art the lyrical key of metaphor and allusiveness, filtered by the poetry and the lightness of a refined and complex practice.

A lightness that from material becomes thematic: delicate and oversized flowers, flames like many small souls, impalpable wings, sinuous trees and dense branches of leaves, but also unexpectedly barbed wires in soft fabric, inverted in their repelling meaning – given for acquired – as thorns finally rendered harmless.

Mon – Fri / 10.00 – 18.00
Availability of visits at any other time by appointment