Davide Bramante

22/02/2022 – 01/04/2022

Bramante’s photographs are as if the memory of a journey – real or imaginary – were sublimated in a single ideal synthesis in which, as individual ingredients, are layered archetypal visions of places, monuments, people, scenarios, contexts or details that, As with the impression on the film, they remained fixed in the memory. The result is an eventful summary capable of evoking everything that is immaterial is contained in those images, ranging between feelings, sensations, moments of the day, smells and affections, as if to create ideal cities.

Although they may seem to overlap digital made with a common software, the works of Bramante are actually made with the analog technique of multiple exposure during shooting, which results in a single frame composed by the overlap of a series of shots taken at different times or places. So we catch famous views of a vigorous New York that hybridize with the calm spirituality of the Taj Mahal, sculptural details of a twentieth century Milan that join the snowy slopes of a twilight curtain, or even the buildings of the various historical periods of a city that overlap to trace the entire evolution and manifest its identity.

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