Chiara Dynys

28/05/2019 – 06/07/2019

Chiara Dynys began to be present on the art stage in the late 80’s. She has always proved to be an eclectic artist, constantly looking for particular materials and different techniques to create works in which are applied artisanal processes characteristic of past times, even if absolutely contemporary. These aspects are the distinctive features of this artist, who communicates through the most varied expressive mediums, from photography to painting, from sculpture to writing, thus succeeding in transmitting unique sensations full of poetry and feelings: in her works she uses, among others, Murano glass treated with arsenic, biscuit porcelain, fake marble, stucco, black marble with golden veins, soap and gold leaf.

Chiara Dynys is attentive and very sensitive to the social changes and tragic events of our time, which are masterfully received in many of her works, as in “Sabra Beauty Everywhere”, where you keep inside a precious frame there are photographic images that describe the “light” reality of the children who live in Sabra Shatila in Beirut; a reality narrated not only in its most terrible aspects, but also, in the words of the curator Ermanno Tedeschi, “through a joyful panorama of colors, simple yet precious as the casket that contains them”.

The daily routine and habit, the guiding themes of the installation “So Near So Far”, end up costuire a prison, prevent each of us to cross the threshold, to overcome the limit, forcing us into a “gold cage” that for the occasion is transformed by the artist in ring and necklace. A watchful and careful eye, like that of the series “Vega”, reminds us that the upheavals of history are never forgotten, making us reflect on the human dimension and on the universal one.

The works of Chiara Dynys are pure poetry that deserves to be worn as her wonderful jewels, specially made for BABS Art Gallery, which are the synthesis of the cyclopean and accurate work done over many years.