Rovereto, 1901 - 1986


Necklaces, 1984

18Kt Yellow Pink

22,5 x 8,5
48 gr
Edition of 8 pieces

Fausto Melotti in 1918 enrolled in the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics in Pisa and he continued at the Politecnico in Milan, where he graduated in Electrotechnical Engineering.

In 1928 at the Accademia di Brera in Milan, he was the pupil of Adolfo Wildt with Lucio Fontana, with whom he formed a long friendship.

The exhibition of a number of newly inspired sculptures at the Galleria Toninelli in Milan, in 1967, marked the start of a series of exhibitions in Italy and abroad that quickly brought him success and public awareness of his multifaceted art: sculptures, low reliefs, theatre sculptures, ceramics and works on paper.

Rejecting the traditional sculptural emphasis on volume and form, Fausto Melotti’s sculptures are de-materialized.

Emphatically geometric and rhythmically balanced, these works fuse Melotti’s love for mathematics and music.

The jewels created in the 1980s carry the same pioneering, new genre of his modern sculptures.

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