Lodi, 1964

Maurizio Fusari is one of the leading figures in Italian goldsmithing art. Starting from his father’s workshop, Maurizio Fusari trained at the school of Giò Pomodoro, a great master of 20th-century art for whom he created numerous works such as prototypes, jewelry, unique pieces, and micro-sculptures. Fusari’s talent, never limited to mere technical skills according to Giò Pomodoro himself, has also been recognized and valued by other internationally renowned Italian artists such as Salvatore Fiume, Pietro Consagra, Aligi Sassu, and Pasquale Galbusera. His jewels have been exhibited at the Guggenheim in New York, the Diamond Museum in Antwerp and the European Parliament.

In my work” the author explains, “I put all my feelings; these are forms that come from the mind and take on a symbolic and ancestral value“. In his production the precious materials, left raw with their irregular surfaces, emit light and energy, such as in the rings and rigid bracelets, where labyrinths of grooves and shapes deeply engrave the surfaces.