Valenza, 1974

When it comes to jewelry Matteo Bonafede is very relevant representative of the present days. He was born in Valenza in 1974 and inherited this vocation (passion )from his goldsmith father. In the paternal laboratory he learned what he defines as “know how”, he came to know materials, gestures and the fundamentals techniques to get to where he is now, always trying to innovate. It was fundamental for him to combine crafts and culture to improve his knowledge. He decided to undertake philosophical studies at the university of Pavia, a pointless study that he decided to pursue just for the pleasure of learning.

In 1998 he decided to settle in S. Sebastiano Curone where he also lives nowdays with his wife, Greta Penacca and his children Elia and Emma. In 1999 opens his laboratory where pursuing precision and dedication, working not only with noble materials but also with stones, hydraulic seal, level, steal, ropes and so on. These are the years when he is nominated Master of Arts from the Artisan Excellence of Piemonte. Furthermore, he wins the National Prize Artisan Product presenting a multifunctional jewel.

The level in his professional life increases when he comes to know the Master GianCarlo Montebello in 2002. Together they will build a relationship of trust, friendship and intense collaboration that will last until 2020, year in which the great Master unfortunately disappears. “If philosophy can take the ground away from under your feet, GianCarlo encouraged me to undertake my limits step by step, learning new techniques and even to discover new ones. He pretended from me what he hasn’t pretended from anyone else, pushing me to a constant evolution”.