Korea, 1954

Lim Dong Lak is a Korean sculptor and professor of Fine Arts. He was born in Daejeon, Korea in 1954. He attained the degrees of Bachelor and Master of Fine Arts, Sculpture from Hong-Ik University, and he currently serves as a professor of College of Fine-Arts (Department of Sculpture) of Dong-A University. He has taken part in about 250 international and invitational exhibitions and 300 group shows as a sculptor.

He has built a remarkable reputation internationally throughout his career as an artist so far. In recent years, he has participated in Art Paris 2015 and Brafa Art Fair 2015 and been invited to numerous solo exhibitions such as Lelia Mordoch (Miami, USA, 2014) and Geometry of Light (Leonberg, Germany, 2013). He was also invited to the international exhibitions like International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations (2012) in Venice and Invited outdoor Sculpture Exhibition (2007) in Baden-Baden. And he was the first Korean artist to exhibit in La Defense Square in 2006 with the title Invited Sculpture Exhibition of Lim Dong Lak.