Fototessera 3.0 – dalla penna biro al NFT

Paolo Amico

11/05/2021 – 03/09/2021

BABS Art Gallery presents the latest projects of artist Paolo Amico, a Sicilian by adoption from Turin, born in 1987.

Paolo’s work is a balanced synthesis that encompasses the multiple stimuli of the different phases of his life. From the earliest drawings that replicated Disney animation characters, from the refined aesthetics of the anime of the rising sun that he used to watch, from the very first platforms on which he shared graphic elements for open source gaming virtual realities, from an alien that he often drew, from the use of graphics software – all elements of unconscious fascination for those generations that are in fact called “digital natives.”

All perfected by a love and studies of art – the conventional kind, that of rules, discipline, symbolism, and the typically “analog” approach.

The medium – a very common Bic pen, and the technique – countless meticulously traced dashes and dots, are what transform all this into hyperrealist, surrealist, ironic representations with a veiled pop taste, created at the hands of an artist whose vision could be defined as “digital in analog.”

A definition that as of today, thanks to innovative NFT technology, allows a further transition to digital.