Maglie (LE), 1971

When someone asks me why paper, suddenly I feel as fragile as the light sheet of a book, and at the same time as strong as a thousand-page book browsed in the centuries by hundreds of hands. Aside from the power of words printed on the page, for me paper is changing vibrant living matter. “Scultografia” is my investigation still open inside and around paper. It is a set of actions performed with tools which little belong to the sculptor, scissors and blades.
Five hundred sheets of white paper, for example, give rise to sixteen thousand and five hundred stripes. I just have to touch them, move them, place them next to each other, and build a volume sometimes compact and compound, sometimes extended and floating. Paper now reveals from inside signs drawings and visions. And when in an absolutely natural metamorphosis it goes back to mother matter to the tree, this makes me feel even stronger and more grateful.

D. P.