Imperia, 1967

Thin, elongated and elegant human figures, in perfect balance between opposites.

On one side, the perception of balance as a state of mind, somewhere in between optimism and pessimism; bliss and melancholy; perseverance and resignation. The need to observe the complexity of reality, for it to be properly understood, because impulsiveness is perceived as a flaw.

On the other, balance intended as a physical state, delicate but heavy; precarious yet steady. As if the posture of the figure holds kinetic forces nullifying one another, thus reaching a static equilibrium, now ready for a reaction.


Alex’s work establishes an interlocutory dialogue with the public, through metaphors capable of representing the world in a light and ironic way without ever becoming banal or obvious.
Inspired by the playful and imaginative universe of childhood culture (comics and fairy tales), Pinna uses it as an iconographic bridge to achieve a more conscious and evocative plastic research.
Sculpture is a way to lighten the space, as if the work absorbed matter instead of emanating it, here is that its characteristic stylized men and long limbs, in bronze, lead or knotted rope, protrude into space without invading or weighing it down.

Lightness, which has become a predominant value in his research, is paradoxically pursued through sculptural elements. All his works tend towards this subtraction of weight facing the space with figures suspended in balance funambolici, but well firm or with slender stylized men that bring to the extreme the lightening of their volumes. They are synthetic figures, which evoke, suggest, without ever imposing themselves with heavy formalisms or indisputable concepts.

The works, rich in continuous references to the history of art and literature, are characterized as a set of contradictory forces that coexist peacefully. Alongside the dialectic and the unprecedented formal equilibria, the works present conceptual contrasts that put the viewer in front of questions and sensations stimulated by a disruptive and at the same time discreet aesthetic.