BABS jewelry by artists in Milano

Art Gallery and jewelry by artists

BABS Art Gallery originated in 2018 from an idea by Barbara Lo Bianco. The gallery’s concept is focused on collaboration with artists. They create jewelry as if they were sculptures to wear, unique pieces or limited editions linked to the value of creativity and stylistic innovation.

The inspiration comes from the desire to show art not as something to see and admire from afar, but to always carry with you - people are encouraged to touch it, to wear it, and in this way, art becomes part of daily life for those who own it. A real fusion between jewelry, the artist who creates it and the person who chooses to wear it.

"Your choice of jewelry talks about your personality and inevitably conveys a message: by becoming the "surface" of the work, it is you who brings art to the people"

The gallery devotes great attention to the process of making, where artists are offered the fascinating opportunity of "converting" the key aspects of their poetics from the large surface of their sculptures or paintings to a tiny and very personal object to wear on the human body. BABS follows the sketches’ execution very closely, the jewelry's production in the foundry or the studio and in the end, develops an exhibition project in collaboration with the artists.

The exhibition activity includes a solo-exhibition's time frame, in which the jewelry on display establishes a dialogue with the artists’ oeuvre: sculptures, paintings or photographs in the gallery space. They eventually become permanent part of BABS' collections.

Besides temporary exhibitions, BABS Art Gallery focuses on secondary market jewelry, which includes some of the most significant names in the '900 art scene. This choice represents a kind of fil rouge for BABS' philosophy: as with the great masters of the past, the gallery aims to create unique and irreplaceable pieces that will fuel future collectibles.