Alex Pinna

Alex Pinna, born in Imperia, lives and works in Milan. He graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts.

Alex’s work establishes an interlocutory dialogue with the public, through metaphors capable of representing the world in a delicate and ironic way without ever becoming trivial or obvious.

Inspired by the playful and imaginative universe of childhood culture (comics and fairy tales), Pinna uses it as an iconographic bridge to achieve a more conscious and evocative plastic inquiry.

Sculpture is a way to lighten space, as if the work were absorbing material instead of emanating it. Which is how Pinna’s characteristically stylized figures with long limbs, in bronze, lead or knotted rope, stretch out into space without invading or weighing it down.

Lightness, which has become a dominant value in his work, is paradoxically pursued through sculptural elements. All of his pieces tend toward this subtraction of weight by confronting space with figures suspended in tightrope-walking equilibrium, firmly, or with slender stylized figures which take the lightening of their volume to the extreme. They are synthetic effigies that evoke and suggest, without ever imposing themselves through heavy formalism or indisputable concepts.

The works, rich in continuous references to art history and literature, are characterized as a set of contradictory forces that coexist peacefully. Alongside the dialectic and the new formal balances, the works present conceptual contrasts that pose to the viewer questions and sensations stimulated by an aesthetic that is both modest and disruptive.